Sunday, September 19, 2010

Healing with crystals: So what is a blog anyway

Healing with crystals: So what is a blog anyway

So what is a blog anyway

Well i m about to embark into the word of blogging, Lord help me and most of all you who are reading, It should prove to be an interesting ride.Can a 42 year old jewelry maker and healer learn to blog ?
You bet i can, I have always been a person to tackle and slay dragons , might get a little bumpy, but hop in and we ll go for a ride.

So while i am waiting for the blogging for dummies book to arrive , i have been Googleing, reading, and fixing this page. What do ya think? not bad for a beginner hu ?
Well thats cuz blogger makes it so easy,lol:).

To add to the ambitious confusion in my life i have been working on my website , updating it daily and putting a lot of work in it for you and my customers from my Etsy stores.Yes i said stores * Plural* I have 2,Crystal Enchantments Jewelry Design & Crones Magical Crafts.But i am not alone, my mother and best friend ( same in one ) works along with me,i do most of the jewelry and crystal work and am the web wiz, and she a lot of the hand made wands, chalices,and crafts.

I wanted a place where you could come for fast, and easy references on crystals, so i have been typing their descriptions and metaphysical properties, Yes **** i said typing, LOL Not copying and pasting, but i am excited about it and its going to be an awesome reference page.

I get a lot of compliments on my descriptions of the crystals and stones in my store and requests to print them in orders, so it will be a great place for my clients and friends to print it for them themselves.

So this is day one of blogging, or sorta , kind off, LOL ,cuz i still haven't figured out what the heck exactly it is,LOL

I will write more each day and figure it out along the way, I am excited to go on a crystal journey with you all.
Good night for now.
Brightest Blessings